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I made this kitchen as a birthday gift for my mother. She really likes miniatures and frequently she said she would like to try to make something herself. But she still works very hard (she has two jobs!), so it just stayed by words. I knew she would like a kitchen, so I tried to make one she would love to have herself. I made all the furniture and a part of the accessories myself . I really like my self-made hood. I tried several times to make one and I never succeeded, but just a few days before my mother's birthday I found a piece of silver cardboard, just enough to make the hood and it just built itself (it must have been fate). On my mother's birthday, I first gave the empty roombox and she loved it. She thought she had to make the furniture and accessories herself and it was a very pleasant surprise when I gave her a shoebox with all the furnishings wrapped separately. I really liked to make a roombox for somebody else. I really tried very hard to make everything as beautiful as possible and I like the result very much.