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I made this shop for a contest. The Dutch dollhouse magazine "Poppenhuizen en Miniaturen' organized a contest, everyone had to build the same roombox and then you were free to make whatever scene you wanted. I made a shop with items from different countries. I used little souvenirs I bought in South Africa, made all the furniture except for the chairs and bought little items in the 'Fair Trade' shop in Amsterdam. They wrap their items in paper bags with an ethnic print and I used these bags to make mini shopping bags. You can see one on the counter. I painted all the pots and embroidered the Indian rug ( I saw this rug in the book 'Miniature Interiors' by Nick Forder and copied it). I also made the cacti you can see on the windowsill and many other little items. The shopkeeper is a doll made by Gill Cauldwell and dressed by me. I named her Angelique and her dogs are called Lady and Jozefientje, the little red cat is Mira.